Sought statutory offense on NYC metro system foiled

A creep drove a 25- year-old female on an Upper East Side metro system to the ground and after that tried to statutory offense her in a brazen daytime assault, police officers pointed out.

The female was actually arranging the system for the Q learn around 11 a.m. Saturday inside the Lexington Avenue and also East 63 Street learn terminal when the male approached her, cops pointed out.

Video taken through a witness revealed the male atop the female just before a group of spectators intervened.

” Hey leave her!” the team was actually chewing out the aggressor, police officers pointed out.

She went through small personal injuries to her body system, however declined health care interest, cops pointed out.

Cops pointed out the suspect was actually final found using sunglasses, a dark lengthy sleeve tee, dim freight jeans and also brownish footwear. He continues to be unconfined.

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