Floating Tidal Energy Platform by Sustainable Marine

Sustainable Marine has developed a Tidal Energy Project known as Pempa’q In-stream. It will go through testing and commissioning in Grand Passage and then taken to the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) site as the ground-breaking first phase. The name Pempa’q In is derived from the Mi’kmaq First Nation word, which means a rise of the tide in respect to indigenous communities of Fundy.

The project is expected to generate up to 9MW of power to the Nova Scotia grid. This energy production would help to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 17000 tons of carbon dioxide per annum. The project would also supply power to over 3000 households in Nova Scotia.

Jason Hayman, Sustainable Marine CEO, said that the tidal technology is attained through various collaboration from the international effort, world-class scientific and engineering experts from Scottish, German, and Canadian teams coupled with many years of research and development. He added that they are happy to have superior backing from Canada Government, Scottish enterprise, SCHOTTEL, other shareholders, collaborators, and partners. Hayman said that Pempa’q Project would be the first world floating tidal array to generate clean power.

The Government of Canada is one of the prominent supporters of the Pempa’q In-stream Project. It has invested $28.5 million in the project, which is the biggest Canadian investment in tidal power. Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, said that they want to generate power from tides and supply that energy to households and businesses, saying that this will help build clean and reliable future power.

The Executive Director of Marine Renewable Canada, Elisa Obermann, said that the building of Sustainable Marine’s floating in-stream tidal technology is crucial for marine renewable energy in Canada. He added that the project provides a long-lasting energy solution by utilizing local and readily resources. Elisa said that the project involves many domestic suppliers who will help develop Canada’s Blue economy.

The PLAT-I 6.40 was designed for Pempa’q In-stream Project and FORCE site. It generates 50% more energy than its forerunner. So far, the project has gone through various tests since 2017 in Scotland and then relocated to Grand Passage in 2018. While being tested, it showed that it has the ability to function even in adverse conditions. It also showed no effect on marine animals or fish.

For it to be launched, the tidal platform needs 2meters of water and towed for it to align with the tide. Its design makes it easy to install, maintain, and service, hence overcoming the challenges experienced there before by tidal energy developers.

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