PUBG updated its PC and Mobile versions

It’s been more than a year since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was officially released and no wonders that at present it is one of the best and popular games in the market. In the beginning, the developers released the game for PC and Xbox gamers, but later on, they decided to release it on Android and iOS devices. Now the game is available on PlayStation 4 too.  

Since PUBG got released, it has received numerous updates for all platforms, and recently there have been some major changes made in PC and Mobile versions of the game.

Along with several changes, the developer has introduced a new weapon and the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card as well as there is an increase in loot spawns rates. If the player is on an island in PUBG, they have to find out the items for their survival on an island. Items contain medicines, guns, and armor, and these items are called loot. The items of the loot have to distributed all over the island and players complained that these items were not enough. Following the complaints, developers mentioned that they have increased the overall amount of items with the new updates.

Besides this, the creators also mentioned that the spawn rate of assault rifles has been increased by 12%, designated marksman rifles spawn rate has been increased by 16% and submachine guns rate by 14%.

The latest update on the PUBG Mobile, v.0.12.0 is currently available for testing, and it will introduce several new features such as “new companion pet system, a new Darkest Night Zombie mode, changes to the Survive Till Dawn Zombie mode, including new RPG weapon, liquid nitrogen grenade, jungle-style double magazines, and new zombies including zombie dogs.”

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