Space Force is proposing a collaboration with the private sector to advance the space industry.

Maj. Gen. Kimberly Crider states that the US Space Force intends to dominate the global space industry with help from the private sector. The interim technology and innovation leader for the agency added that they would be declaring a definitive list of the technical challenges they have been facing in the quest for leading in space operations. Crider was the lead data officer at Air Force before she was taken by Space Force to help expand the research and development department and implement real changes that can propel the agency to achieve its objectives.

Crider reiterates that the plan by Space Force’s science and technology team will champion for the report submitted by Air Force Research Laboratory. This report calls for the partnership between the federal government and the space industry, in general, to solve the technological challenges in space operations and thereby propel the US towards space dominance. Crider reported that the space industry needs to have a strong foundation so that the US can compete favorably with other countries. For this to be successful, she advises the government, on the other hand, to pass the policies brought forward by space stakeholders.

Crider echoes that the various arms needed in this vision include the government, the space industry itself, and the academicians who have vast knowledge concerning space operations. She added that the collaborative efforts in developing satellite technology, space exploration, and weather forecasting would help even the smallsat startups to understand the appropriate time to launch and avoid catastrophic accidents. Crider thinks that NASA can offer its systems for use by Space Force since the agency has vast knowledge and resource being developed for space exploration. Crider submits that the space facilities require electricity to run. For this reason, the collaborative efforts with space stakeholders can help develop the technology to ensure continuous power supply for the various systems in space.

Raymond suggests that since the findings and recommendations from the report by Air Force Research Laboratory are not biased, then it is essential for the industry to consider implementing the necessary alterations. He added that for America to dominate space through either public or the private sector, then the American space industry giants must collaborate with the others. In this way, the smallsat startups that have advanced technology but lack vital knowledge can showcase their prowess to attract funding.

To conclude, Crider, who is under Raymond, stated that the space military requires the help of the commercial satellite operators to perform their duties effectively. She said that these firms could help the Space Force access vital information and transfer intelligence in a secure method. Therefore, it is essential for the American private sector also to support the move to advance the country’s space industry.

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