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Galaxy Fold display faces breaking issues: Report

A recent report confirms that Samsung’s newly launched smartphone Galaxy Fold which is a $2,000 foldable phone is already facing breaking issues after a couple of days.

Before the smartphone Galaxy Fold was launched in public, Journalists received the phone for putting their hands over the smartphone for review. The journalists reported that after using it for hours, the screen started flickering and turned black. On the other hand, two other journalists reported that they tried to remove the thin protective layer from the screens thinking that they should be removed but later came up that they were meant to stay.

There were some other journalists who during the review mentioned that they used the smartphone with the protective layer intact but later on broke their phone. A reporter told one of the leading news channels that the smartphone was  “completely unusable” after two days.

Samsung Galaxy Fold when unfolded comes up as a 7.3-inch tab while unfolded will transform it into a regular size smartphone that can be kept inside a pocket. The phone has two displays, and it has been designed to work in either way folded and unfolded. When the smartphone is open, the single screen display of the Galaxy Fold is bisected by a crease.

Just before the launch of the device, Samsung in of the statements promised that the Fold had been designed in a way that it can resist up to 200,000 folds without getting it into any kind of a problem. Users can use the Fold 100 times a day for five years, Samsung said earlier.

Samsung opened up the pre-orders for the smartphone and will go on sale on 26th of April. The Galaxy Fold will be available for $1,980 which is one of the most expensive smartphones available in the market.

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