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Beats to launch new wireless earbuds with longer battery life and attractive design

Following Apple launched its second-generation AirPods, Beats division is following the trend and is up in the market with its first wireless earbuds. Beats will enter the wireless earbuds market with its $249.95 Powerbeats Pro. The earbuds are said to be launch in May, and the product will be one of the Beats’ most significant product in years.

There have been reports that the upcoming Powerbeats Pro from Beats will be better than Apple AirPods in terms of features and battery life. Powerbeats Pro has been designed in a way that it will fully seal in your ears and will cancel the outside noise if present while listening to music on the wireless earbuds. With longer battery life, Powerbeats Pro will come equipped with the same Apple H1 chip that Apple AirPods come equipped with. The chip will offer hands-free “Hey Siri” voice commands.

Talking about the sound quality of the device, Powerbeats Pro will have better sound quality in comparison to the Apple AirPods.

Beats in one of the statements mentioned that they had designed the Powerbeats Pro keeping in mind the fitness freak people. The wireless earbuds are the most popular fitness headphones in the world, said Beats. The company also mentioned that in the new Pro model they had removed the wire that was earlier used to connect the left and right buds together.

Beats also added that we have not only eliminated the wire in the pro model but have redesigned the entire product to favor true wireless design and we did all this retaining the look and identity of Powerbeats.

When compared to the previous model, the new Powerbeats Pro is 23 percent smaller and 17 percent lighter, and it is available in four attractive colors including black, white, dark green, and navy.

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