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Microsoft increases Xbox Live Gold Subscription Prices in the UK

Microsoft is emailing its Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the United Kingdom regarding the price hike of the subscriptions. Microsoft, in the email, wrote that they are increasing the subscription prices soon, according to reports.

Sources say that the subscribers who were paying £6 for the monthly service will have to pay £7, while Quarterly subscriptions will now cost £18 instead of £15. Talking about the annual subscriptions, subscribers from now onwards have to pay £50 instead of £40 once a year.

Microsoft also mentioned in the email that the users who are not subscribed to Xbox Live Gold will notice the increased prices from May 8 onwards, while the subscribed members will see the price hike from August 7.

Following the announcement, Microsoft interacted with the news channels said:

“To ensure gamers have consistent pricing for Xbox Live Gold across Europe we are making changes to UK pricing from May 8th. Prices will rise by £1 a month for our monthly subscriptions, £3 for our quarterly subscriptions and by £10 a year for an annual membership. This new pricing is aligned to the changes we made in the region in 2016 as we strive to offer our members premium gaming and entertainment services at a fair price. We have notified members whose accounts are on recurring billing in the UK, so they are aware well in advance”.

Local sources say that the hiked prices are in line with the subscription fee of Sony’s PlayStation Plus following they increased the price in 2017. Subscribers, who want a quick escape from the hiked prices can purchase multiple subscriptions and extend their current renewal date as they have few months left before the increased prices will take effect.

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