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Apple is about to add an app that will support secondary display in macOS 10.15

There have been reports that Apple is currently working on adding a new app in macOS 10.15. With the new app in hand, users will be able to connect an external iPad to their Mac for the need of an external display.

The new feature that will be updated by the means of an app will be called “Sidecar” and the feature will be a part of the new window management system that will hit macOS 10.15 in the coming days. In order to use the cool feature, users have to open the macOS window bar and hover the cursor over the green maximize button. The feature will provide users with various options including “regular full-screen mode”, “new tiling options”, and also an option which will let users share the display to an external device, according to reports.

The new feature that will soon be added to macOS sounds more like UI to Moom which is a renowned window management app capable of performing similar functions. Besides the sidecar, Apple is also working on some special tools that will snap windows to the side of displays.

There have been reports that Mac users besides using iPad as a second screen will also be able to use Apple Pencil on the iPad when it will be connected as a secondary screen to the Mac. The feature will be provided so that users can interact with apps to the connected iPad via Apple Pencil. Though we have a lot of details regarding the new app, there are no details regarding whether the iPad will be connected to the Mac with the help of a physical cable or it would be connected wirelessly.


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