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Nintendo updates Mario Tennis Aces to version 3.0

A recent report confirms that with version 3.0 update, Nintendo has added all-new “Ring Shot” mode, “Yoshi’s Ring Shot” limited time event, and a new opening movie to the Mario Tennis Aces.

“Ring Shot,” which is a new mode in the game, has been designed in a way in which players have to aim for a high score by passing the ball through rings. Following the version 3.0 update, up to four players are now allowed to play on the single Switch console.

Talking about the next new mode which is “Yoshi’s Ring Shot,” it is a limited time Co-op Challenge in which players can participate until June 1. In the mode, players have to hit shots through colorful rings and earn points, and the players also have to work together in teams to achieve good scores.

Players in “Yoshi’s Ring Shot” have to achieve target scores and if you are lucky enough to do that you will be provided with different colored Yoshis that you can use in Free Play or tournaments.

Sources say that the players who will hit a ball through a ring which is of the similar color as that of Yoshi will be rewarded and their frenzy gauge will fill up in the game.

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