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PlayStation suggests weird PSN Names to the players

Sony, yesterday announced that the PlayStation Network name changing feature is now available for Play Station players. There have been reports that a lot of players have crappy user names and they want to get rid of these usernames anytime soon, but they have no idea that which new user name they can use in order to replace the previous ones. Regarding the concern, PlayStation is providing suggestions, and users are saying that most of them are terrible while others are amazing.

There have been reports that Sony’s play station is suggesting unique and new PSN names to the users, but it looks as if the users are not satisfied with Sony’s name generator.

The PSN names that Sony’s name generator is suggesting is a combination of noun and adjective separated by dashes, underscores, and numbers. Sources say that following the suggestions that the name generator suggested, it seems as if “jaded,” and “riotous,” were the terms that were mostly used along with nouns “debt” and “crib.” The combinations that the generator created were mostly weird and were not picked by most of the users, according to the sources.

Since a lot of years, Play Station users have been bound to terrible user names, and it looks as if Sony is willing to provide another such user name again.

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